Brush Collection Information


Brush Collection/Chipper service in the City of Mt. Juliet is provided by the Department of Public Works to all single family residential properties with frontage on a public street. During normal operations, brush collection/chipper service is managed on a routed basis. The route begins in the southerly portion of the City (Zone 1) and moves northerly throughout the City (Zone 8). It may take as long as 6 weeks to complete a route through the City during the growing season, April through October. Route time is much shorter, often less than one week, during the winter months of November through March. Normal operations are suspended when it is raining or snowing or in the event of a significant storm event that requires special response from the brush collection/chipper service.


The City has adopted a set of rules that citizens are required to follow for proper placement of brush/chipper waste, size of trees and/or brush, and type of materials that are acceptable. Failure to fully comply with these rules will result in the material not being accepted by the City for processing. These rules are stated as follows:

  • Brush shall NOT be placed in any roadway median
  • No debris shall be placed on sidewalks or blocking the sidewalk
  • Branches/limbs less than 15 feet in length
  • No limbs larger than 10-inches in diameter will be accepted
  • Material placed within 10 feet of the public roadway
  • No vines or loose leaves will be accepted
  • Brush intertwined with plastics will not be accepted
  • No root balls attached or separated from trees or brush will be accepted
  • No metal or wire (fencing, electrical cable, etc) will be accepted
  • No lot clearing debris or whole trees will be accepted
  • Debris that is the byproduct of commercial cutting/trimming will not be accepted

If you have any questions you can contact the Public Works Office at 615-773-7957.