Special Response Team

The purpose of the Special Response Team (SRT) is to compliment the departments total service program by providing for the deployment and use of special weapons and tactics when necessary to contend with “unusual situations” that go beyond the scope of the patrol division. These incidents include resolving barricaded suspects encounters, combating sniper actions, counteracting hostage situations, expediting high risk arrests, VIP protection, search and rescue operations, and execution of high risk search warrants.

The Mt. Juliet Special Response Team consists of members of the department who on volunteer status, conduct training and operations to combat potential dangerous threats to the Mt. Juliet community and surrounding communities. MJPD SRT trains with neighboring police and emergency services agencies to stay abreast of the latest crime threats facing law enforcement today.

The Mt. Juliet Special Response Team’s main goal is preservation of life and property. SRT Members undergo vigorous physical and tactical training as well as advanced marksmanship training throughout the year and are required to maintain a high standard of qualifications for the duration of their placement on SRT.