Reserve Officer Unit

The department has a great Reserve Officer Unit, a group of dedicated men & women that supplement our patrol force. Reserve Officers are civilians who volunteer their time in serving the Mt. Juliet community and do not receive financial compensation.

Our Reserve Officer Unit is a unique group of individuals who are civic-minded and service oriented citizens who serve and protect, without compensation, for the betterment of the community. They are dedicated and motivated officers who give their own time and energy to help ensure Mt. Juliet is a safe place to live. 

Reserve officers supplement the full-time officers in a variety of duties throughout the department. While on-duty, reserve officers have the same law enforcement powers as full-time officers.

Process to become a Mt. Juliet Reserve Police Officer

  • Attend an informational meeting during an open application period, typically held biannually and announced.
  • During an open application period, complete a pre-application and authorize an initial background and driving history review.
  • Complete a physical agility screening that consists of the TN Law Enforcement Training Academy obstacle course, one minute of push-ups, and one minute of sit-ups.
  • Be selected by an interview panel that consists of a Command Staff member, the Reserve Program Coordinator, and other individuals.
  • Complete a comprehensive background application and submit to a thorough background investigation, conducted over a 45-day period.
  • Accept an invitation and successfully complete the Mt. Juliet Police Department Reserve Academy that consists of over 120 hours of mandatory classroom and practical training over a 12-15 week period.
  • Purchase approximately $2,000 of personal patrol equipment during the training period.
  • Following the Reserve Academy, new Reserve Officers must complete the Field Training Program that consists of 480 hours, completed in 8-hour shift increments with a Field Training Officer.