Special Event Assistance

The Mt. Juliet Police Department encourages its citizens to sponsor special events that enhance the quality of life for residents of the entire community and facilitate the use of City-owned recreation, park facilities and streets. The Police Department has established policies and procedures to ensure the safety and traffic control are a priority of such events by providing a system for advance planning and standard information and basic ground rules that allow City special events sponsors and facility users to achieve their mutual goals.

Officers provide a wide variety of services for special events; such as traffic and crowd control duties. Individuals or groups wishing to sponsor a Special Event must request a Police Assistance Permit through the Community Affairs unit through this form:

Event Permit Application

Police Assistance Permit Requirements

Police Assistance Permits are required for activities that are special events. Special Events are:

  • Pre-planned major activities
  • Pre-planned major activities involving use of public and/or private property with a projection to have over 300 attendees
  • Pre-planned major activities involving use of public and/or private property requiring City support services including police support. Such activities are customarily held for purposes of entertainment, celebration, 5K runs, walks, marathons, parades, block parties, amusement, cultural recognition, arts and crafts displays and/or sales and sports demonstrations or competitions aimed at drawing crowds that may impact surrounding neighborhoods and traffic flow. (Funeral escorts do not require a Police Assistance Permit)
  1. Permit Processing
  2. Criteria for Approval
  3. Insurance Requirements
The department reserves the right to refuse a Police Assistance Permit that does not meet the basic criteria to hold an event within the City limits or that are judged to present a risk of possible harm to business or damage property or involve illegal activities. 

Applications must be received no less than 30 days or no more than 120 days prior to the scheduled date of such event.

A panel consisting of representatives of involved City departments including police, streets and parks and recreation, where applicable, will meet to review the application and you will be notified of the results. 

​Costs Associated with Special Events

There could be costs associated with your special event, which cover the city's resources used to ensure the event safe. The number of police officers required for your event will be determined by the police department based on the information provided in your Police Assistance Permit application. The event organizers could incur the costs associated with staffs' salary and equipment (police vehicle) usage, and if so, the department will connect you with the Secondary Employment Coordinator to negotiate such costs.