Scarecrow Contest

Eligibility: Our Scarecrow Contest is open to all ages, families, community and non-profit groups, and area businesses. 

Each person, family, or group may only enter one scarecrow.


1. Individual/ Family: In this division, both kids and parents can work together to create their scarecrow masterpiece.

2. Business or Community/Non-Profit Group: In this division, advertising is allowed including business/ group logo.

Entry Fee: This event is FREE for all participants.

Registration Deadline: Saturday, October 14th. 

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Location of Scarecrows: Multi-purpose fields at Charlie Daniels Park.

Construction: Scarecrows must be durable and able to stand up to the elements: sun, wind, and rain, so please use care in choosing your materials. All decorations must be firmly attached to the scarecrow. We recommend a 2x4 piece of lumber for the central body, and a broomstick or 2x4 is recommended for the arms.

Most Importantly: Don’t forget to make sure your 2x4 for your scarecrow is either long enough to stake in the ground or that your scarecrow is free-standing.

If you choose to bring fresh vegetables or fruits (for instance, pumpkins), they must be whole, and not punctured or carved, to make sure that they do not rot during the duration of the voting period.

As part of your display, be sure to make a sign with: the name of your scarecrow, the hashtag you’ve chosen, and your name, or your group or business name (this will help your friends, family and members of the voting public to know which scarecrow to vote for!).

Size: Please keep your scarecrow, and any setting decorations within a 6 x 6 foot area.

Drop Off & Set-Up: All entries must be dropped off at Mt. Juliet Community Center by Thursday, October 19th, in time for the staff to set them up. If you wish to decorate the area around your scarecrow, you may do so anytime Friday, October 20th and before 9:00 AM Saturday, October 21st.

Duration: Scarecrows will be on display, and available for judging during Halloween in the Park, October 21st.

Judging: Vote for your favorite scarecrow via social media. Winner will be determined by their combined score of Facebook likes & shares, Twitter retweets, & Instagram posts.

Three ways to vote:

1. Facebook: Like & share from the MJ Parks and Rec page.

2. Twitter: Retweet the photo from @MJParksandRec

3. Instagram: Post the picture of your favorite scarecrow with the scarecrows hashtag, #MJScarecrowContest, and tag @MJParksandRec.

Feel free to encourage friends and family to visit the location and check out your magical creations!

Pick-Up: Scarecrows will be discarded on Monday, October 23rd. If you wish to take yours, please do so before then.