Host a Program at MJPRD

These guidelines have been developed for any person or group that wants to conduct a public program at a MJ Parks & Recreation facility.

Policies & Procedures

Mt. Juliet Parks & Recreation (MJPRD) holds Instructors responsible for the following policies and procedures:

  • Representing the City through Professional Conduct: Though not employees of the City of Mt. Juliet, Instructors do represent the City. To some participants, the instructor is the only representative of the City they will see. Instructors must conduct themselves in a professional manner including dressing and speaking professionally, and supporting policies and City decisions.
  • Facility: MJPRD will work to accommodate everyone to the best of our ability. However, there are times were not all needs can be met due to facility suitability, availability, course time frames, etc. The City of Mt. Juliet reserves the right to make changes and adjustments to facility assignments before and during any session.
  • Setup & cleanup: The instructor is solely responsible for all set up, tear down, & cleanup. Instructors should check in with a MJPRD staff member at the beginning of each session. Instructors are solely responsible for the facility which should be clear of trash & equipment, tables & chairs stacked, floors swept, etc. Please check with MJPRD before vacating the premises.
  • Fee Collection: Instructors will maintain their own registration practices including fee collection. Payment & a list of registered participants should be turned in on the first day of each session unless another agreement is made.
  • Insurance: Instructors are NOT covered by the City of Mt. Juliet and are encouraged to obtain their own insurance policy. Programs may be required to obtain insurance after application review.
  • Equipment: In most circumstances, instructors are required to provide all of their own equipment which should be removed at the conclusion of each class day. If storage is needed on site, speak with the Parks Coordinator about accommodations. MJPRD is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment. 
  • Advertising: We will put information on our website, in our newsletter, & on social media. Instructors are allowed to place flyers in our lobby (must be supplied by you). The most successful programs run their own marketing campaign in addition to our services. In order to be included in the bi-monthly Newsletter, all pertinent information received 1 month before. Example: Jan/Feb information must be received by December 1st.
  • Releasing of Minors: At the end of the activity time, the Instructor must not release children to anyone other than authorized parent, guardian, or to an individual authorized by the parent. Never release a child to someone who is unknown to the child or to whom the child expresses fear or uncertainty.
  • Safety of Participants: The Instructors' primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of participants involved with your activity. Visually inspect the facilities that you are working in. If any aspect of the area appears unsafe, it is your responsibility to notify the MJPRD staff and to take actions that will ensure participant safety.
  • First Aid Provision: It is the Contract Instructors responsibility to know where the first aid kit is located for all facilities in which they provide services. If your program is outside of a facility it is your responsibility to have a first aid kit. For minor first aid (band aid etc.) the first aid kit will suffice. For Serious accidents, DO NOT MOVE the injured participant, call 9‐1‐1. If a child is involved, notify the parent or guardian, MJPRD & complete an incident form.
  • Discrimination and Harassment: The City of Mt. Juliet has a strong policy against any form of discrimination and harassment by, among, or to its representatives. Discrimination and harassment can be defined as any behavior that is disrespectful and causes discomfort to another person, be it physical, verbal, visual, or sexual. Instructors are responsible for their own actions/conduct, and must never engage in discrimination and harassment.