Active Shooter Avoidance & Awareness Consultation

Aimed to help businesses and churches evaluate their emergency action plans, the Mt. Juliet Department is offers personalized, individual consultations to local organizations on active shooter avoidance and awareness. Able to meet individually with each organization, a specially trained police officer is available to consult with business owners, managers, and church leaders about how to prevent and handle an active shooter situation. Communities are on heightened alert after recent shootings across the Nation, and the department is available to assist with emergency action plans.

Consultation Consists of:

  • Security Assessment
  • Walk-through of the Organization's Building
  • Unique Presentation Design for the Individual Organization
  • Proper Procedures on Assisting Responding Law Enforcement

Process on Requesting a Consultation:

  1. Complete the online form: Consultation Request Form
  2. Specially trained officer will contact the organization to schedule a time for the consultation.
  1. Lt. Wesley Neely

    Wesley Neely

    Lieutenant - Special Services Division