Guardian Shield Automated License Plate Recognition Program

Guardian Shield is the community’s Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) program. Guardian Shield was initiated to enhance the community’s safety by providing an additional tool to further protect and shield residents and visitors from criminals who enter the city to cause harm. This program is not enforcement based nor does it access a database containing personnel information. The systems alert on vehicles associated with a crime and on a hotlist, which is generated from the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database. Law enforcement agencies enter wanted persons, missing persons, felony-involved vehicles, stolen plates, and stolen vehicles into NCIC so other law enforcement officers are aware of the hit status if they query the license plate.

Guardian Shield cannot nor will be used for anything traffic enforcement related, and it will only be used to guard and shield the community from vehicles attached to a hotlist or investigate crimes, such as criminal homicide, forcible rape, kidnapping, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, theft, dangerous drug offenses, or a wanted person. In addition, the technology records video and images of the vehicle, which is only kept for a period of 30-days. The technology does not know who is driving or who is in the car. More importantly, the system does not access the Department of Safety’s license plate database, so there is no way to access personal data or determine who owns the vehicle.

Guardian Shield is powered by Rekor Systems. Local neighborhoods and businesses can integrate with the department's Guardian Shield program through Rekor.

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  1. Active ALPR Locations
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Lebanon Road near N. Greenhill Road

Lebanon Road near N. Mt. Juliet Road

Lebanon Road near Terrace Hill Road

Lebanon Road near Matterhorn Drive

West Division Sreet near Silverstone Lane

East Division Street near Golden Bear Gateway

Old Lebanon Dirt Road near Cobblestone Landing

Belinda Parkway near Providence Trail

Belinda Parkway near I-40 Exit Ramp

South Rutland Road near Baird Farms

Golden Bear Gateway near E. Division Street

Golden Bear Gateway near I-40 Overpass

S. Mt. Juliet Road near Central Pike

N. Mt. Juliet Road near Division Street

N. Mt. Juliet Road near Pleasant Grove Road

N. Mt. Juliet Road near I-40 Overpass

Central Pike near Beckwith Road

Central Pike near Adams Lane

Central Pike near Chandler Road

Rutland Road near Beckwith Road

South Rutland Road near Baird Farms

N. Greenhill Road near Windtree Pass

Nonaville Road near Saundersville Road

Charlie Daniels Parkway near Charlie Daniels Park