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Register for City of Mt. Juliet Meeting Agendas and Leave Comments

The City of Mt. Juliet has been using a meeting agenda software since 2013.  All of the features described below have been available to the public since 2013.  With State of TN Executive Order 19 Cities and Counties are now given the ability to have digital meetings until May 26, 2020 (or as amended) in order to assist in reducing the spread of COVID-19 to allow each governmental agency to follow the guidelines of spacing and size of gatherings, etc.  

The City of Mt. Juliet would like to remind our residents of this feature and how to utilize it.

Click Here to open the Meeting Portal.

At this page to the left, top-third of this page and you will see a drop box labeled “Meeting Group”.  From here you can select a specific meeting group or “All Meeting Groups”.  When making either of these selections you will receive an email link to the agenda that you have selected when the agenda is published.  The main three Boards that meet on a regular basis are listed below.

To register to receive an email link to a specific meeting group or all meeting groups stay on this page and go to the top, right-hand corner and click on “Register”.  Follow the instructions to register, just remember after completing the registration process you will receive an email link for the Meeting Groups/Boards and or Committees when an agenda is published.  By registering and receiving the link you are able to search and comment on a particular agenda item much easier.

Click on the meeting DATE this will bring up the agenda with a full list of all the attachments (maps, agreements, staff reports, etc.) for each agenda item.  When you click on Item # 1 this will normally be an Ordinance or Resolution.  In the bottom left-hand corner you will see “Comment”.  By clicking on “Comment” you can leave a comment that will be emailed to staff members who will forward your comment to the board members.  You will also see the attachments from the screen that shows “Comment” at the bottom.  You can click on the attachments to review them.

If you would prefer to not receive an email and only want to check in to see what is on a specific agenda from time to time you can also do that without registering.   After you are on the “Agenda & Minutes” home page go to the drop down box for “Meeting Groups” in the upper, left-hand side.  Select “All Meeting Groups” or the specific meeting you are interested in.

After making the selection of the meeting group scroll down and you will see “Upcoming Meetings” by date and meeting group if you selected “All Meeting Groups”.  If you selected a specific meeting group you will only see that meeting group and the meeting dates currently set up.  In either case to the right of the meeting group name it will either be blank or list Agenda or Agenda Packet.  If the agenda has been published, then you can access it by clicking on either Agenda or Agenda Packet (the packet has all the detail but could be a large file to download).    You can also search for Past Meetings by selecting “see more” at the bottom of the box.

We hope you found this helpful but if additional assistance is needed feel free to call 615-754-2552 or email