Submit a Complaint on an Employee

Our strong relationship with the community is influenced by a professional response to allegations of misconduct against our employees. The establishment of procedures for the investigation of allegations is crucial to demonstrate and protect the Department’s integrity. This Department shall fairly and impartially investigate all complaints or allegations of misconduct to determine their validity and to timely impose any disciplinary or non-disciplinary corrective actions that may be warranted.

All officially lodged complaints are forwarded and filed with the Chief of Police or his designee. The complaint will be reviewed, classified, and will be assigned to the correct Division Commander to be investigated. Should it be warranted, the Chief of Police has the authority to authorize an internal investigation of the mater through the Investigative Division Commander.

To begin an officially lodged complaint, please complete the submit the following form to the Chief of Police: MJPD Compliment or Complaint Form.

Chief James A. Hambrick can be reached at or at (615) 754-2550 .