Information Technology (IT) Department

The I.T. Department seeks to facilitate availability and efficiency of ALL city departments and services through effective use of technology.   The I.T. Department supports a user base of more than 250 personnel and related equipment.

I.T. configures, manages and maintains the City's information systems, including...
 - Desktop and laptop computers
 - Tablets and cellular devices
 - Physical and virtual servers
 - Computer and VOIP phone networks
 - Security and Surveillance Systems
 - Audio/Visual Systems
 - Emergency services radio communications
 - City website
 - Emergency Command Post deployment and operation
 - UAV (Drone) Operations for all departments
 - and all other technology related programs at the City of Mt. Juliet.

Broadcast TV Station

I.T. also manages and maintains the City's local government broadcast TV channel.  Located at Channel 3 on Comcast and Channel 6 on TDS-TV.  The station runs broadcasts of several city meetings and other shows or slides of local interest.