Property Tax

The City of Mt. Juliet maintains a very low property tax of .11 cents per $100 of the assessed value. The City has had a property tax since 2011. City of Mt. Juliet's elected officials have directed that 100% of property tax revenue be transferred to the Emergency Services Fund for use in implementing and maintaining emergency services, i.e. city fire department.

Taxes Due

All property taxes, real and personal are payable October 1 of the current year and shall become delinquent March 1 of the succeeding year. In October of each year, tax notices for real and personal property are mailed out to property owners as recorded by deed as of January 1 of the current taxing year. Property owners are responsible for both city and county property taxes. City taxes are paid to the City of Mt. Juliet. County taxes are paid to the Wilson County Trustee. If, as a property owner, you do not receive a notice by the end of October from both jurisdictions, you should notify the respective tax office.

You may pay taxes without penalty and interest through the last day of February. However, if you wish to use this deduction on your IRS tax return for the year of the tax, payment must be made by December 31 of that year.

Tax Payers Responsibilities

The city will also send tax information to any mortgage company and to major mortgage servicing companies, like First American, that are hired by mortgage companies to pay taxes on their behalf that request information. To ensure that your mortgage company receives a notice, you may decide to forward a copy of the tax bill to them. However, it is your responsibility, as a property owner, to know what taxes are due and when, whether you receive a bill or not. It is also your responsibility to provide a current mailing address otherwise the notice will be addressed to the property's physical location which may have no mail receptacle.

 If one pays the taxes in person, please remember to provide the address of the property and not the mailing address nor one's home address as you will provide improper information. If there is a change in your mailing address you must notify only the Wilson County Property Assessor as neither the City nor the County Trustee is able to change a mailing address.

Wilson County Property Assessor, Jack Pratt Jr.
Wilson County Courthouse
228 E Main Street
Room 4
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-444-8661

City of Mt. Juliet Finance Director, Dana Swinea
City Hall Finance
2425 North Mt. Juliet Road
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
Phone: 615-773-6208

Wilson County Trustee, Jim Major
Wilson County Courthouse
228 East Main Street
Room 102
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-444-0894