Property Tax Exemptions

Age / Disability

During the tax year for which they are applying, an applicant must turn 65 on or before December 31. In order to apply as a disabled homeowner, a person must have become disabled on or before December 31 of the year. An applicant may apply if they are awaiting a decision on their disability claim. The state office must receive the final decision by June 30 following the delinquency date. The final decision must indicate their disability began on or before December 31 of the tax year.

Ownership / Residency

An applicant must be able to document that they had ownership of the taxable property during the tax year. Ownership may be documented by a tax bill/receipt, warranty deed, probated will, title or bill of sale for a mobile home.

Income Requirement (Elderly or Disabled Homeowners)

The combined annual income from all sources of all the living owners of record is required and cannot exceed $29,270 for the year 2018. Annual income from all sources shall include, but is not limited to, Social Security payments after the Medicare deduction, supplemental security income, retirement and pension benefits, veteran's benefits, worker's compensation, unemployment compensation, salaries and wages, alimony, total interest and total dividends. For income from a business, include only the net income or loss after expenses.

Disabled Veterans

Disabled veterans must have been rated totally & permanently disabled by Social Security Administration or other qualified agency. The disabilities must meet specific criteria under service connection, be combat - related or the result of being a prisoner of war for at least five months. For veterans who qualify, there is no income limit. Tax relief is paid on the first $175,000 of market value of the home that is owned by the applicant which is used as the applicant's primary residence. Applications for tax relief are available in the City of Mt. Juliet's Finance office. For more information, call our office at 615-768-1392.

Maximum Tax Relief Available for Mt. Juliet Homeowners

  • Elderly or Disabled Homeowners $10
  • Disabled Veteran Homeowners or Widow(er) of same $63