Become a Vendor-Sponsor

Benefits of being a vendor/sponsor:
  • Local support: By promoting your business at Community Events, you are in turn supporting the local economy and the community as a whole.
  • Brand Recognition: By partnering with an established event in the community, you become the company that people see at events.
  • Advertising: Your logo on flyers and posters will be displayed in local businesses, City of Mt. Juliet website, community access TV station, event signage, newspaper ads, and more 
  • Event Variety: You can sponsor more intimate events in order to get to know participants or a larger event that attracts thousands of local families. Pick what works best for your business.
Event Date Expected Attendance
Number of Vendors Accepted
Movie in the Park Friday, June 1 200+ 5 $250
Movie in the Park Friday, July 6 200+ 5 $250
Kid's Expo Saturday, June 30 1,000+ 10 $250
Splash Day Saturday, July 28 2,000+ 10 $250
Movie in the Park Friday, August 3 200+ 5 $250
ChalkWalk Saturday, September 1 100+ 5 $250
Movie in the Park Friday, September 7 200+ 5 $250
Movie in the Park Friday, October 5 200+ 5 $250
Halloween in the Park* Saturday, October 20 3,000+ 10 $500
Christmas Parade Saturday, December 8 2,000+ 10 $250
* There will be other vendors at this event. Sponsors are assigned premiere spaces.

Become a Vendor/Sponsor