About Mt. Juliet Police


Mt. Juliet, Tennessee is located in Wilson County, approximately 20 miles east of Downtown Nashville. Over the years, Mt. Juliet has experienced significant growth and development, transforming from a small rural community to a thriving, safe suburban city with nearly 45,000 residents. The city's population has steadily increased due to its proximity to Nashville and the availability of affordable housing, leading to a diverse and dynamic community.

One of the defining characteristics of Mt. Juliet is its strong sense of community. Residents often describe it as a close-knit and friendly place to live. The city promotes community engagement through various events and programs, such as local festivals, parades, and volunteer opportunities. Mt. Juliet also takes pride in its excellent police department and County-run public school system, which attracts families looking for quality education for their children.

Regarding culture, Mt. Juliet embraces a blend of traditional southern charm and modern influences. While the city maintains its small-town atmosphere, it has also welcomed commercial and retail developments to meet the community's growing needs. You can find a mix of locally-owned businesses and national chains offering a range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

The men and women of the police department are crucial in protecting and ensuring safety across the city. The overwhelming majority of arrested offenders are not city residents. Department staff is committed to protecting the community through compassion, professionalism, and building positive relationships with the community. The staff works closely with residents, businesses, and community organizations to address concerns, prevent crime, and promote a safe environment. The department employs 80 well-trained officers and another 30 civilian support staff who care deeply about serving above and beyond each and every day.

In recent years, the MJPD has utilized various technological advancements to enhance its effectiveness, including a comprehensive network of License Plate Reader cameras, social media engagement, and community-oriented policing strategies. Officers actively participate in community outreach initiatives and encourage community members to look after each other by reporting suspicious activities or concerns.

Overall, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee is a growing city with a strong community spirit, a blend of traditional and modern influences, and a dedicated to keeping you, your family, and our community safe by providing the best possible service and being community strong.