Command Leadership Team

Guided by an unwavering commitment to both serving our community and ensuring the well-being of our dedicated staff and police officers, the Command Staff at the Mt. Juliet Police Department leads the comprehensive activities of the department. Our mission is to efficiently and effectively utilize resources, upholding the highest standards in serving the Mt. Juliet community. We invite your comments and questions regarding the daily operations of this indispensable city service, as we prioritize transparency, community engagement, and the safety of all.

  1. Mullins

    Michael Mullins

    Chief of Police

  2. Head shot of Capt. Chandler

    Tyler Chandler

    Deputy Chief of Police

  3. Lt. Wesley Neely

    Wesley Neely

    Lieutenant - Special Services Division

  4. Brockman

    Jason Brockman

    Lieutenant - Administrative Services Division

  5. Head shot photo of Lt. Christensen

    James Christensen

    Lieutenant - Support Services Division

  6. Head shot photo of Lt. James Cothron

    James Cothron

    Lieutenant - Investigative Services Division

  7. Cook

    Cory Cook

    Lieutenant - Day Patrol

  8. Workman

    Josh Workman

    Lieutenant - Night Patrol