Sewer Maintenance Division

The Sewer Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department is comprised of a small, dedicated group of men who work to keep Mt. Juliet's sanitary sewer system in prime condition.   This Sewer Maintenance Division repairs and maintains two types of sewer lines. One type of sewer line is called the pressure line, a grinder pump is required for this type of line. A grinder pump forces sewage to the main line.  The other type of line is called a gravity line, this type of line relies on gravity to push the sewage to the main line.  Besides repairing these types of lines, our Sewer Maintenance division inspects and monitors the sewer lines by using closed circuit T.V. equipment, smoke testing, and other methods of practice to find and/or prevent inflow and infiltration.  This division has mapped the sewer system by GPS to help identify and keep more accurate records.  

Sewer Problems

If sewage should backup into the your home, if you should encounter a bad sewer odor, or if your red light is flashing at the sewer grinder on your house, please call:
        Sewer Department:  Monday - Friday 
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 615-773-7957

        After hours emergencies: Contact Police Dispatch Center 615-754-2550 and they will contact the 
Sewer personnel or dial 311 and select option 3.

Sewer Bills
To pay your sewer bill contact Sewer Billing at 615-754-2554 or in person at City Hall, 2425 N. Mt. Juliet Road.