Stormwater-Sewer Procedures for New Projects

Stormwater Procedures

  1. Approval of plans from Planning Commission.
  2. Plan Review application and fee submitted to Donna Howard, Plans submitted to Shane Shamanur, Engineering Director for his approval and stamp.
  3. Stormwater Development Checklist Completed: 
    • Project name
    • Legal owner with address and contact numbers
    • Designee/representative (Architect/Engineer) with address and contact numbers
    • Site access and Material Hauling (if applicable)
    • Contractor Name with address and contact numbers
    • TDEC Level One person with address and contact numbers
  4. If the owner of property cannot be present at the pre-con meeting we will need a notarized letter stating that they give someone permission to sign documents on their behalf.
  5. Copies of NOI, NOC, NPDES, SWPPP, ARAP, Geo-Tech sent to Donna Howard.
  6. Stormwater Management Maintenance Agreement completed, copy of long term maintenance plan, document sign/notarized by owner/developer. Engineering Director will sign/notarize original document and then it will need to be recorded at the Register of Deeds. Original document returned to Donna Howard, Public Works Office Manager, for filing.
  7. If there is blasting on the site we will need a copy of blasting license, photo ID of trigger man and copy of Certificate of Liability insurance policy with the City of Mt. Juliet as the policy holder insured up to 1 million dollars.
  8. Copy of TDEC Level 1 card of the Erosion Control Specialist.
  9. Copy of Contractors license.
  10. Land Disturbance and Erosion Control permit applications completed.
  11. Stormwater fees – We will need the amount of acreage and/or number of lots, the total amount of impervious surface and impervious acreage to calculate Plan Review, Land Disturbance and Commercial Erosion Control fees. The Residential Erosion Control fee is $500.00 per lot and is paid when you are ready to build on each lot. Stormwater fees can be 1 check for the total amount and made out to the City of Mt. Juliet.

Sewer Procedures

  1. For the Sewer plans review, please send a $2,000 sewer administrative fee to:
    Donna Howard
    71 E Hill Street
    Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
  2. For Sewer plans approval, send Sewer plans to: 
    Steve Jones
    Water Management Services
    2 International Plaza, Suite 401
    Nashville, TN 37217
  3. Four (4) sets of State Stamped Sewer plans and digital copy on CD or thumb drive (PDF).
  4. Copy of the State Sewer Permit approval letter sent to Donna Howard.
  5. Unit Price bids from contractor sent to Shane Shamanur, Engineering Director, to determine fees for the Development and Sewer contracts.
  6. Development Contract – If roads will be developed the developer will pay an inspection fee of $4.25 per linear foot as determined by the Public Works Director.
  7. Sewer Contract – Developer will pay an inspection fee of 5% of the cost of the installation of the sewer services as set by the Engineering Director.  
  8. Capacity fees for residential projects are per single family unit and determined by the RS number, Tap fees are $1,550.00 per residence and are due when the home is built. Capacity and Tap fees for Commercial projects are calculated by Ashley Clemmons, Sewer Billing, located at City Hall, 2425 North Mt. Juliet Road, and are determined by the waterline tap size.
  9. Development contract and Sewer contract fees will need to be on two separate checks for accounting purposes.
  10. Copy of Certificate of Liability Insurance policy with the City of Mt. Juliet as the policy holder insured up to 1 million dollars.
  11. Copy of Start of Construction Notification letter that was sent to the State notifying them when the construction will begin.

When all the above information has been sent in for the project, we will schedule a pre-con meeting to discuss all the dos and don’ts of the project and will issue all appropriate permits at that time.