Alarm Permit Registration

The City of Mt. Juliet requires all residents and businesses located within the city limits to register their alarms and obtain a permit annually with the Mt. Juliet Police Department. Failure to register could result in a citation being issued to the home or business owner. Therefore, the police department is here to assist you in registering your alarm system.

The permit can be obtained or renewed online or at police department headquarters. Once your permit and fee is received, your alarm will be registered for the year. Stickers will no longer be issued for alarm renewals. With technology, police dispatch has a computerized system of all alarm locations.


Alarm permit expiration dates are staggered in an effort to improve efficiency in the police department records unit. Alarm permits expire on a different date, processed alphabetically.

Residential alarms will be processed alphabetically by the last name on the alarm permit.

Commercial alarms will be processed alphabetically, using the beginning of the company or business name. If the company or business name begins with a common word, such as “the”, then it will be alphabetized by the next word in the company or business name.

Notifying Your Alarm Company

Also, when registering your alarm system, it is important to contact your alarm monitoring company to advise them that you want the Police Department notified first when an alarm is triggered at the residence or business. This will allow a quicker response from Police.
  1. City Ordinance on Alarms
  2. Alarm Permit Fees

Article IV Alarm Systems Sec. 12-48 Registration Fee

Each responsible party shall pay an annual registration fee, only once per calendar year, of $10.00 for each alarm system on residential property and $25.00 for each alarm system on commercial property. Registration fees shall be due each year on March 31 for alarms beginning with the letter A-G, June 30 for alarms beginning with the letter H-M, September 30 for alarms beginning with the letter N-S, December 31 for alarms beginning with the letter T-Z.  Permit fees shall be placed in the city general fund. Fees for direct monitoring by the city, when not prohibited by T.C.A. 62-32-321(a)(2)(A), shall be $120.00 per month. 

​Avoid a False Alarm

Most alarms can be easily prevented by following these guidelines:

  • Make sure all alarm users and key holders are trained to use the system, and know the code to arm and disarm the system, including how to cancel a false alarm.
  • Be sure doors and windows are properly closed and locked before arming the system. Unsecured doors and windows are easily jarred, resulting in false alarms.
  • Be sure motion sensors are adjusted correctly, especially if you have pets.
  • Have an arming delay of at least 60 seconds and arrange with your alarm company NOT to call the police if the system goes off immediately after it has been armed. Frequently, people take too long to exit the premises, or set the system off by re-entering.
  • If your alarm system is easily set off by thunderstorms or power outages, have it repaired or adjusted.
  • Periodically check the batteries and test your alarm system.
  • Read and follow the instructions in your operator’s manual.