Open Burn Permit

Online Burning Permit


  • Online & Phone requests for Open Burn permits are available Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM ONLY.  After hours requests & calls will be rejected.
  • Open Burn Permits are REQUIRED for residents within the city limits of Mt. Juliet to safely burn tree limbs and brush. 
  • The limbs and brush MUST be indigenous to the site of the burn meaning it must have been grown there. 
  • Material to be burned CANNOT be shipped to the site of the burn and CANNOT include any building wood or other construction components.
  • NO open burning at construction sites without Commercial Burn Permit and use of air-curtain destructor.
  • Weather conditions dictate the approval of burn permits.  NO burning will be allowed when sustained winds are above 10 mph.  Due to the changing conditions, permits will not be issued more than 48 hours in advance.  For example, to request an open burn permit for Saturday, the request cannot be made before Thursday.
  • Open burning without a permit will be deemed a violation and subject to a fine of $250.00 for malicious burning.