Squad 103

Squad 103 is a 2013 Pierce built on an Impel chassis and carries a 1,500-gallon per minute PUC pump, a 750-gallon water tank, a 20-gallon foam tank, and a Husky foam system. Squad 103 is powered by a Cummins ISL9 diesel engine and an Allison 3000 EVS transmission on a 188½-inch wheelbase and has a Harrison hydraulic generator. 

Squad 103 carries battery operated extrication tools (cutter / spreader / ram), air bags, rescue jacks, thermal imager, cribbing, ventilation fans, a K-12 saw and a chain saw, portable scene lighting, and RIT equipment. 

Squad 103 has 1000 feet of 4 inch supply hose, a remote controlled deck gun, five pre-connected attack lines and additional supply hose for courtyard operations.