Ladder 111

FDMJ L-111 at Drill
Ladder 111 is a 2013 Pierce Quint, has a 105-foot heavy-duty ladder, is built on a Velocity chassis, features a TAK-4 independent front suspension,  Detroit DD13 engine with 500 hp, Command Zone™ advanced electronics, and seating for six firefighters. Ladder 111 has a 2,000 GPM single stage pump, a 500-gallon water tank, and a Husky™ 3 single agent foam system. 

Ladder 111 has four pre-connected attack lines, carries 1000-feet of four inch supply hose, multiple ground ladders, RIT equipment, gas and electric ventilation fans, portable scene lighting, salvage equipment, a stokes basket, a chain saw and a K-12 saw. 

Ladder 111 is staffed by our volunteer personnel.