What do I do if I try to pay my taxes and am told that the taxes have already been paid?
Taxpayers are responsible for knowing whether their property taxes have been paid and who paid them. An error by the property tax clerk or the system will not excuse taxes, penalties or interest. A taxpayer should request a duplicate receipt which will list amount and the payer of the taxes. If the taxpayer does not recognize the payer (perhaps a taxpayer relative), it is in the best interest of the taxpayer to bring that fact to the attention of the property tax clerk. It is unlikely but not impossible that the city will have credited the wrong taxpayer but it is quite possible that a mortgage company has listed the wrong bill for payment or perhaps a different taxpayer paid the wrong bill on line. The city has no way to be aware of this occurrence as the amounts may be very similar.

Eventually, the mortgage company or other taxpayer making the error will lawfully request the return of the erroneous payment. If this event occurs after February 28, penalties and interest will accrue on the taxes that become immediately due and payable due to the error of another entity.

It is the taxpayers’ responsibility to pay the property taxes in all circumstances. If a property tax receipt is voided due to a payment error by another entity, the taxpayer affected will be mailed a notice that the receipt has been voided but it will not extend the due date nor reverse penalties and interest that will immediately accrue.

The City recommends that if the taxpayer does not recognize that the payer of the tax that they remit to the property tax clerk the appropriate tax which will be held in escrow to be credited after the error is reported or refunded if no error exists.

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