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Grant Application

  1. City of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee Funding of Non-Profit Charitable Organizations

    T.C.A. 5-9-109(c) provides that any non-profit organization receiving funds from cities in the State of Tennessee must submit to the city, a copy of an annual financial report.  This report must include sources and uses of funds as a minimum reporting standard. If your organization received city funds in fiscal year, 2022/2023; you will be required to have a current report filed with the city prior to receiving consideration for additional funding in fiscal year, 2023-2024.

    According to State Law, the City of Mt. Juliet may provide funds to two types of outside agencies: non-profit charitable organizations and non-profit civic organizations.

    A non-profit charitable organization is defined as one in which no part of the net earnings benefit any private shareholder or individual and which provides services benefiting the general welfare of the residents of the City of Mt. Juliet.

    A non-profit civic organization is defined as a civic organization exempt from taxation pursuant to Section 501(c), (3, 4, OR 6) of the IRS code.  A non-profit civic organization must operate primarily for the purpose of bringing about civic betterment and social improvements through efforts to maintain and increase employment opportunities in the City by promoting industry, trade, commerce, tourism, and recreation by inducing manufacturing, industrial, governmental, educational, financial, service, commercial, recreational, and agricultural enterprises to locate in or remain in the City.

    If your organization does not fit into one of these two category types, you are not eligible to receive City funds.

    Should you have questions relating to this requirement, please contact Gina Keen at (615)773-6219 or Melinda Troutman at 615 773-6266.

    Please submit your request on the attached application by April 14, 2023

  2. The following information must be included with your grant request:

    1.    A copy of last year’s budget.

    2.    A copy of last year’s audited financial statement.

    3.    A copy of the current budget.

    4.    A detailed description of how the requested funds would be spent.

    5.    A detailed description of how the previous year’s grant was spent.

    6.    Documentation showing how many Mt. Juliet citizens would be impacted.

    7.    A letter stating why you believe the citizens of Mt. Juliet should provide you with the funding.

    8.    All current sources of funding.

    9.    Copy of your IRS form 501(c)(3), (4), or (6).

    Questions Contact: Melinda Troutman-


    Ordinance 2021-35 

    Requires all organizations to provide audited financial statements for organizations receiving $15,000 or more.

  3. You can upload the information required information here.
  4. A. The heads of the organization (or approved alternate) may be asked to make a short presentation to the commission on the specified date to be considered. (This date will be posted on the City's website (

    B. If a person / organization is requesting funds and has received funds in the past, they must provide the commission with an audit report confirming that the funds were spent as specified to the Commission.

    C. The former grantee also must show that they have managed the organization / funds wisely and have shown wise fiscal planning and leadership.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call Gina Frame at 615-773-6219, or Christy Fike at 615-773-6204.

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