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Open Burn Permit

  1. LEARN BEFORE YOU BURN Alert Tennesseans know burning trash outdoors is: - Harmful to the air we breathe. - Unhealthy for our neighbors – near and far. - Unsafe - Often unnecessary The following Rules and Regulations governing Open Burning within the Corporate City Limits of Mt. Juliet Tennessee must be observed at all times to burn with this permit. If all rules and regulations are not followed the Mt. Juliet Fire Department may immediately extinguish the flame and you may be cited by the Fire Marshal's Office for illegal burning, or be banned from obtaining further permits. Rules and regulations are as follows: You CAN NOT BURN: - Tires and other rubber products - Vinyl siding and Tires and other rubber products - Plastics and other synthetic materials - Paper products, cardboard, and newspaper - Asphalt shingles, and other asphalt roofing materials and demolition debris. - Asbestos-containing materials - Paints, household and agricultural chemicals - Aerosol cans and food cans - Building material and construction debris - Buildings and mobile homes - Copper Wire and electrical wires - Household Trash - Leaves, branches and trees NOT grown on site. - Vehicles, mechanical equipment, appliances or other EPA Regulated Items. - If the wind velocity is more than 10mph. (If in doubt call the Fire Department.) Additional Guidelines: 1. The responsible person listed must be in attendance of the fire until it is completely out. 2. You MUST keep the fire under control at all times. If you feel it is getting out of control, please call 911. 3. You MUST provide a means of extinguishment at the fire area; this can be a water bucket, a garden hose connected to a water supply, or fire extinguisher(s). 4. A copy of the burn permit must be with the responsible party at the fire at all times for review of the Fire Department. 5. All Open Burns must be a minimum of 50 feet from any structure. 6.Burn Permits shall only be good for the dates and times shown. 7. You must burn in piles no larger than 10 feet by 10 feet in diameter and 2 feet high. 8. Improper out-door burning can lead to fines up to $25,000. SUBMISSION OF THIS FORM DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY ALLOW BURNING. SUBMITTAL MUST RECEIVE APPROVAL FROM FIRE MARSHAL AND BURN PERMIT BEFORE BURNING. Edit Contact

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