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School Visit Request

  1. FDMJ 10
  2. FDMJ School Visit
    Fire engine/ truck visits may be scheduled for educational events. Visits generally will be a maximum of two hours and must take place within Mt. Juliet city limits.
  3. • Please complete the request form below at least two weeks before your event.
  4. • FDMJ staff will communicate with you by email or phone to confirm our attendance.
  5. • Adequate fire apparatus parking/accessibility must be provided.
  6. • The Fire Department of Mt. Juliet does not attend birthday parties.
  7. • The Fire Department of Mt. Juliet does not spray water at events.
  8. • Please remember that units remain in service and scheduled events may be cancelled at any time without notice if necessary for emergency response.
  9. *Please allow 3-4 weeks from submission of form to requested date.
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