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Grease Control Permit Application

  1. Food Service Facility - Grease Control Permit Application
    City of Mt. Juliet
  2. Authorized Representative Information
  3. Owner Information
    (If different from Authorized Representative)
  4. Facility Information
  5. Day(s) the Facility is in Operation
    Check all that apply.
  6. Are kitchen sinks connect to a garbage disposal?
  7. Is the dishwasher connected to a grease trap?
  8. Are pots, pans, dishes, etc. "dry wiped" before washing?
  9. Identify the Types of Equipment Used
  10. Grease Control Equipment
  11. 1. Is a grease trap* installed at the facility?
    *A grease trap is an indoor unit, normally under the sink with 50 gallons or less capacity

    If the answer to question 1 is "No", then go to question 7.
  12. 7. Is a grease interceptor* installed at the facility?
    *A grease interceptor is an outdoor, underground grease retention unity with baffles; normally 100-250 gallons in capacity.
  13. 9. Are enzymes, biological or microbiological agents, or chemicals added to the Grease Interceptro for control of grease?
  14. 12. Do you have copies of manifests from the Grease Hauler?
  15. Certification Statement
    I certify, under penalty of law, that the above mentioned information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
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