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Event Permit Application


  1. 1. Event Information
  2. 2. Organization Information
  3. 3. For Events at City Parks
  4. 4. Terms & Conditions
  • Event Information


      **Any event over 300 person(s) must secure Police for traffic and security of said event for City properties ONLY. Failure to do so will cause loss of permit, and must be done 30 days prior to event.**

    2. Event Location*
    3. A letter from the property owner shall be provided acknowledging that he/she is fully aware of the nature and scope of the Temporary Event and grants approval for the event on their property.
    4. Plans include, but shall not be limited to, a site layout drawing or site plan in a form and content established by the Zoning Administrator, such as property boundaries, right-of-way, setbacks, location of all temporary structures and signs, location of utilities, parking and access, and Stormwater management.
    5. Estimated Attendance*
    6. Additional Activities/Items
      Mark all that apply. Locations must be shown on site map.
    7. Please include as much information as possible. May be hand drawn or electronic